The at-track ladies Bible study book, Restless by Jennie Allen, is available in ebook format for 2.99 this week!  It’s a great read even if you are unable to attend Bible study.  We’d love to know your thoughts on it!  We pray you’ll be encouraged through the message of this book!

Something in me still feels restless.  As we stare at the marks on the lives we have tried to make perfect, we ache a little.  The word calling has always seemed to tease me, like a mysterious secret containing the answer to my ridiculously restless spirit.  We wonder it we are missing some mystical, great, noble purpose that was supposed to squeeze into the holes of our ordinary lives.
We feel numb.
We feel bored.
Let’s assume that if we are breathing, then we have a purpose of being here.  Every one of us with breath in our lungs still has something left to do.
I want to dream of what our purposes may be.”
Jennie Allen

Grab it for $2.99!
Grab it for $2.99!

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