All Ladies Welcome!

My heart for us, as women in 2014, is to connect with each other on race weekends.  Some of the sweetest times of authentic connections happen when we gather together and explore essential questions of practicing faith, living life, and loving completely.

If you’re longing for true and meaningful relationships with other women in motorsports, if you’re tired of feeling isolated during race weekends, if you’re needing a place to belong and to experience community, then The Gathering is for you.

Do you ever wonder…
-What makes a truly deep and healthy friendship?
-How can I be intentional about deep relationships with other women?
-How can I bless others out of the overflow of deep relationships in my life?

Join me and other women in motorsports for coffee and conversation, as we find answers to our questions together.

The Gathering
MRO Community Center
10:30 am on Saturday, February 22

The Gathering
The Gathering


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