March Family Activity

Did you know that each month, we’ll give you a chance to have fun as a family AND be entered to win a prize from the MRO Community Center?  How’s that for a win-win?

In March, the activity is: Planting Seeds.

Spring Grace
Spring Grace

Welcome spring by planting seeds of your choice! Use a recycled egg carton (or other reused item) to plant your seeds. Use the egg carton to plant multiple seeds or let every family member choose their own seed to plant! Work together to take care of the seeds and celebrate when they sprout!

Send us a photo of your family working on this month’s activity and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win the monthly prize!  The contest is open until midnight on March 31.


You can also access the family activities from January and February here.  The contest for those months is over, but the activities can still be fun for you and your kids.

We look forward to seeing your family’s creativity at work!

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