Community Center Need

We have a need to replace our video game system at the MRO Community Center.  We are currently using an Xbox 360 that is 4 years old.  We’re getting to that point where it’s pretty unreliable each weekend and our games are dropping like flies!

We really value having a video game system underneath our tent – it is a great bridge builder with older students and allows the younger children a special treat!



We’ve recently updated our gaming center set-up and are hoping to replace our Xbox as soon as possible.  Have you recently updated your system and would like to donate your old one?  We’d love to take it off your hands!  Perhaps you feel led to purchase an Xbox for us – we’d be ever so grateful for your help!  Or maybe you have some Xbox games you’re looking to get rid of – we’ll take anything rated E for everyone!

As always, we’re so grateful for your generosity and your help in maintaining our Community Center programming!  We couldn’t do it without you!!

What we need:
Xbox Games rated “E” for everyone

If you’re interested in helping us with this, please comment below!  Thank you!

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