Coming to Cup of Grace Coffeehouse

We are so excited to finally share our Caution musician with you all!  We’re also giving away a CD – enter at the end of this post!

-drum roll please-

This summer, at the 2014 Cup of Grace Coffeehouse, we’re excited to welcome singer-songwriter Ellie Holcomb!

Her first full-length album, As Sure as the Sun, was released in February – it is beautifully written with Scripture woven into the melodies.  She has two previous EPs – Magnolia (2011) and With You Now (2013).  She has previously toured with her husband Drew, as part of the Americana rock band, Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors.

“My heart with this music is to sing truth into the darkness. I know that the world can get pretty dark some days, and I’d love to be sending out songs like little campfires to light up the night. When I write, I am usually just trying to remind myself of what is true, and my highest hope is that these songs will be reminders of truth to those who listen, that they will refresh, encourage, and bless.”

We invite you, as we pause during the middle of our season, to join us in community with God and other women.  We want our hearts to be connected and refreshed by the truth of God’s Word.  We’ll share coffee, worship, learn more about an upcoming opportunity to give back in our community, and hear stories of God’s grace shared by ladies in our NASCAR family.  All of us have stories filled with both brokenness and grace – our coffeehouse is a safe place for hurting hearts to be strengthened by God’s grace.

Our hope is that you would join us for this special evening to be refreshed and uplifted by the truth of Scripture in Ellie’s songs and by the gift of gathering together with other ladies!

Enter to win Ellie’s CD!

Check out Ellie’s album here!  We pray you love it as much as we do!  For more information about Ellie, click here!

As Sure as the Sun

One thought on “Coming to Cup of Grace Coffeehouse

  1. Reblogged this on Simple Life Heartenings and commented:
    The annual MRO Summer Caution will be filled and brimming with grace in 2014. So grateful to provide this opportunity for ladies in NASCAR to gather for encouraging moments as e challenge hearts and provide a platform for service right where we live! Please consider joining us, as we present our broken beautiful lives to honor and serve God!!

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