January Caution


“You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky.”
Philippians 2:15b

Good news and even better news. The good news first…. 2016 January Caution floor level tables are SOLD OUT! Payment for these tables is closed and will not be processed.

Now the better news…We are opening the stadium seats at the back of the room.The view is awesome and the seats are comfy. Seats are $15.00 and include hearing Leigh Anne Tuohy and a beverage. Entry into the building for stadium seating begins at 7:30 and you must check-in. Doors will open to the room at 7:45 and seats are first come, first serve. Your RSVP is your payment. The payment link will only operate for stadium seats not table seating. We are very excited to see you at the 2016 January Caution.

This year donations will benefit Leigh Anne Tuohy’s foundation “Making it Happen” which benefits underprivileged children. Just purchase her latest book at the January Caution and proceeds will automatically go to her foundation. We can all make a difference together!


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