MRO Family Christmas Waiting For The King {25 Days of Advent Begins December 1, 2020

Hello friends!

I am so excited to welcome you to our 2020 MRO Family Christmas focused on the Biblical account of the birth of Christ.

Waiting For The King -25 Days of Advent

Savior Coming

We will continue our God’s Story Series with the greatest story ever told. I will send a daily email with content for each of the 25 days. You can also access @ the MRO CC blog.

I encourage you to pause using the following steps to create a framework for this special daily moment with your child.


Step away from the busyness of the season and calm your head, heart, and hands as together you slowly breathe in . . . and out. (Adjust the length of this time according to your children’s attention spans.)


Spend time in God’s Story by reading the suggested passage from the Bible or from a children’s story Bible. Some days the selections are longer than others. One way to keep all ages engaged is by including them in the telling of the story. You can invite pre-readers to make up an action to do each time they hear a particular word or name. Or assign readers a section of the story to read aloud or have them read the lines of a character as you narrate the story.


Ask questions to reflect on the story. Then encourage your child(ren) to a deeper level of thinking about God and about the lives of the people in the story. Help them use their imagination as you wonder together about these stories. You might want to end this time by asking, “What do you wonder about this story?”


Close your time with prayer using the your own words and ideas in order to seal this time you have shared together. I pray that this will become a very special part of your Christmas and potentially an annual time you share together.

Please let me know if there is any way
that I can support this special adventure!!

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