2021 MRO Mission Christmas Update

Let the countdown begin.

Three days until the 2021 MRO Mission Christmas evening.

We are still in need of children’s toys for children ALL ages!

Urgent Update:

God has really stirred in our hearts since learning of the horrific tragedy in Kentucky. To think that two weeks before Christmas there are children who may not have Christmas gifts. So we are amping up collections in order to also help support children in the Maysfield, KY area.

You can drop toys off December 16 or mail them directly to the MRO offices if you cannot make the event.

Just a note- with this late date, we know you may not be able to get toys to the office by this Thursday. So any time you can do so will be a blessing!! You can also donate online at our website.

Donate to give toys and our MRO mailing address can be found at


You can also make a donation on our website as well. Just note Christmas Toys!

While we know there are immediate needs for everyone who was impacted by the storm, we are simply keeping this about the children. If you would like to learn more about how you can help in other ways, Kate Fegley Lummus can update you on the work she is doing.

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