Urgent: Atlanta & Homestead MRO CC Information

From Billy Mauldin- MRO

In an effort to do all we can to support the efforts nationwide to contain COVID – 19, and within our NASCAR family, the MRO Community Center services will be temporality suspended through Miami Homestead.

We remain available to support and encourage everyone the best we can by phone, text, or email and ask that you do not hesitate to reach out to us. As circumstances change, we will keep you up to date with regard to future events.

Monty and I are so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused your family but we are all in agreement that out of respect to what NASCAR has encouraged for our community, that we as well adhere to their request for only essential workers to be present at the track.

Our prayers, love and support go with your families during this time of unrest in our nation. We will continue to trust a faithful God to lead, guide, direct and protect our NASCAR family in the days and weeks to come.

2018 Calendar

2018 Bible Time

“Those who know God’s name put their trust in Him.” Psalm 9:10

Daytona- Loving God
Daytona- Creator God
Atlanta- God of Truth
Martinsville- The Resurrection And The Life
Bristol- Helping Hands
Richmond- The Lord Is Peace
Talladega- God Of All Comfort
Charlotte- (All Star) Friend
Charlotte- Helper
Pocono- Jealous God
Michigan- The Lord My Shepherd
Daytona- The Lord My Strength
Pocono- The Lord My Light
Watkins Glen- The Lord Who Heals
Bristol- National Anthem
Darlington- The Lord of heaven’s Armies
Charlotte- The Lord My Shield
Talladega-Fall Festival
Martinsville- Immanuel
Homestead- Thanksgiving

‘Tis the Season

Hi Friends!

We “love” to take every opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms. No matter where you land on the Valentine’s Day celebration scale, we hope you’ll consider this month an opportunity to share God’s love with those around you.

Here are some ways we’ve done it in the past:




We shared cookies with security guards in Martinsville.

The kids love walking around the track and giving out anything that will bring a smile to someone’s face. When we put a gift in someone’s hand, we always make sure to tell them that God loves them and we do too. Isn’t that what we all need? To be reminded of God’s love for us and to know that we are seen and cared for by someone else.

This month can inspire us all to look for ways to share God’s love. We can do the smallest acts of kindness and make someone’s whole day. We continue to be challenged to open our eyes and see the people in need of encouragement. May God use us all for His glory as we open our hands to share what He’s given us.

If you need some ideas, check out Ann Voskamp’s calendar with ideas to “be the gift”.

Christian hands never clasp
and He doesn’t give gifts for gain
because a gift can never stop being a gift-
it is always meant to be given.
Ann Voskamp

Coming to Summer Caution…

We are so pleased to announce that our 2016 Summer Caution special guest will be Meredith Andrews!

**Enter to win a digital copy of Meredith’s album, Deeper**

Each year, we pray and ask the Lord to show us His heart for this event. And every time, He is faithful to orchestrate the details in a beautiful way. We knew our verse would be Isaiah 40:31. Then we heard this song and knew we wanted Meredith to join us:

She’s released four studio albums over the course of her career. Her most recent release, Deeper, showcases her beautiful voice and songwriting gifts. She’s spoken about working through personal crises during the making of this album, and we see a this line from the title track reflected in her work: “Every burden only made me stronger”.

Her love for people and her servant’s heart are rooted in her childhood. A native of Wilson, NC, Meredith’s parents took in many foster children and adopted three boys who became her beloved brothers. Music was always an integral part of the Andrews home and Meredith began singing in church at age six. While majoring in family and child development at Liberty University, Andrews felt God calling her into music ministry. After school, she relocated to Chicago and began leading worship at Harvest Bible Chapel.

Meredith and Jacob have two sons and a daughter. Balancing music and family can sometimes be a challenge, yet motherhood has impacted her art in unexpected ways.

“I was always a people pleaser and I feel like now that I’m a mom, I’m not anymore. I’m just over it,” she says with a smile. “I’m not trying to please anybody. I just want to please the Lord and love people.”

“[God’s love]… It’s not based on our performance. God doesn’t love us more on our good days and less on our bad and that was revolutionary for me. There’s freedom in knowing that God just loves me and that’s changed me. I’m so overwhelmed by the way the Lord loves me and it’s come out in the way that I’ve written these songs. When I think of other moms listening to these songs, I just hope that whether they are at home with their kids or in the car driving to soccer practice or whatever that even just for three minutes, they can sense the presence of the Lord and God’s love for them. We need that recharge. We need to get plugged into the source and have that time with the Lord. That’s my prayer in all this.”